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Kubernetes Mutating Webhook Configuration

Sometimes in Kubernetes you want to have some control over what is allowed into your cluster and even some control over the properties. With a Mutating Webhook Configuration you can do this. Essentially you can subscribe to different sorts of admission events on the API and each time an even happens it will forward it thought a webhook you can configure. I this way you can change the config before it is submitted to the nodes.

Application Insight in a cloud native world

APM products aren’t part of your solution - they are part of your problem Don’t get me wrong - they are for the most part great products and they do absolutely serve a purpose. But, as we move towards a much more distributed world with lots of smaller interconnected applications that are frequently updated and dynamically scaled, I’m not sure that these traditional products are the solution. Certainly not in the product format they are in currently where you pay per “host” or “agent”.

AzureChallenge Leeds

This week I attended the Azure Challenge in Leeds hosted by Microsoft at the Hilton Leeds City. This was a 2 day event focussing on Kubernetes in Azure. There was very little information about the format and content and it felt like it was being kept under wraps! The only info we were given was Install the Azure CLI 2.0 Install Docker Install Kubectl Install Postman - this is optional but useful I arrived a bit late and sat down with Team 8 that consisted of Lee Dyche, Paul Latham and David Betteridge.